Anudeep Bhandari & Associates,Chandigarh 

Design Approach


Architecture is a culmination of many tangible and intangible forms of ideas selected in a pattern of descending criticality. Factors like site, climate, physical requirements, social commitments, materials, finance all have to come in at precise proportions to create a space and thence a building form. At ABA we meticulously study all such factors to reach unique solutions for the user as well as the environment.


This approach helps us in giving fresh ideas for each and every project that we do. In some project climate plays a critical role where as in others form or elevation has higher demands. Some have to fit into a certain amount of budget without compromising on the value of space planning whereas others rest on luxurious budgets opening up for more exploration. Each project with it brings us an opportunity to enrich ourselves with the diversity of culture and human behavior. This enhancement governs our future designs and motivates to do better each day.