Anudeep Bhandari & Associates,Chandigarh 

What We Do

At Anudeep Bhandari & Associates, the design process begins with the assimilation of all the theories and methods essential for a particular project. After careful deliberation about the site analysis, climatic study and project requirements certain primary parameters are framed, around which the concept revolves. Throughout the design process main emphasis remains on in-depth planning and innovative layout formations. The ease and convenience for the user in layout planning is of paramount importance. 




Other technical aspects of architecture from Structural design and Electrical Design to HVAC and Advanced Building Services, all are discussed with respective consultants at the time of design to maximize innovation and involvement at the very beginning. ABA is an architectural practice with sensitivity towards changing climate hence makes continuous efforts in maximizing the use of natural renewable sources in building formation and use of environment enhancements in the construction process.


Details of each and every aspect of construction is carefully generated as per requirement and specified in detail. Co-ordination with vendors and preparation of shop drawings is also monitored at every levels to assure qualitative construction.

Choice of materials is very critical at our office and we ensure the use of original and quality products. Latest trends are analyzed thoroughly for their upkeep and durability before using.
Thoughtful selection of materials for every part, from the façade to the finishing, is done considering the requirements, concept and environmental effects. Special care is taken for timely short listing of the specifications so as to avoid errands at the time of detailing.

We also do selective projects on Turnkey basis.